The Film

BROKEN SPIRITS, directed by Peter Bohush.

Featuring Stephen Weese, Cristina Vee, Spike Spencer, Andy McPhee, Vic Mignogna, Richard Epcar, Gregory Crafts, Axelle Cummings, Peter Jang, Jason Wishnov, Aaron Valencia, Allyson Floyd, Avi Melman, Ryland Shelton, Brandon Schmidt, Robert Amico.

Director – Peter Bohush
Producers – Stephen Weese, Peter Bohush, Oze Gomez, Robert Amico
Screenplay – Joseph Medina & Stephen Weese and Peter Bohush
A Finch Hollow production
In association with Anime Expo

The Plot

Scott, his girlfriend Valerie and their friend Trey, all in their 20s, take a trip to a sweat lodge spiritual retreat at the suggestion of another friend, Daniel. The lodge, run by a half-baked spiritual guru, happens to be situated upon a portal separating our reality from another dimensional plane.

During the sweat lodge ceremony, the four friends black out and are pulled into the alternate dimension. They awaken to find four ancient, evil inhabitants of this astral purgatory determined to steal the friends’ bodies to cross back over into our world.

Armed with only their wits and will power, the friends must fight the evil spirits in an epic battle where the losers will be stranded forever in the empty and barren wasteland.

The Director

Peter Bohush is a writer-director-producer of films, television, comedy, corporate, journalism, advertising and web content.