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Broken Spirits is an HD sci-fi/action feature film about four young people who are pulled into an alternate dimension and must fight evil, undead spirits to get back before time runs out.

Starring Stephen Weese, Vic Mignogna, Richard Epcar, Spike Spencer and Cristina Vee – widely recognized for their roles in high profile Japanese animation films, series and video games such as Full Metal Alchemist, Ghost in the Shell, Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil 6 and Neon Genesis Evangelion. Also featured is Andy McPhee (Sons of Anarchy.)

Movie Poster (2016)

Movie Poster (2016)

Directed by Peter Bohush (Geezers, 9-10: The Day Before), the film was shot in on the RED MX camera in widescreen HD on location in Southern California. It is now in final stages and seeking distribution. The film contains more than 250 special effects shots.

Broken Spirits is produced by Finch Hollow Productions, in association with Anime Expo.

Browse this site for cast bios and videos, location pictures, production notes, script samples and more.

Announcements about premieres and where to buy the film will be posted here as they become available.

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Richard Epcar Interview

Richard Epcar sits down with Stephen Weese and talks about his experiences filming Broken Spirits.

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Help us get on Crunchyroll and FUNimation!

As you know, Broken Spirits stars big name voice actors like Vic Mignogna, Cristina Vee, Richard Epcar and Spike Spencer! If you’d like to see the film, please help us by going to twitter! Just click the image below.

The more people tweet about us, the bigger the chance you’ll get to see us on the #1 source for streaming anime online! Now that Crunchyroll and FUNimation are partners it’s the perfect time for them to show Broken Spirits!

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Six League of Legends actors in Broken Spirits

lol2If you like playing League of Legends, then you’ll want to see Broken Spirits. You’ll not only get to hear the voice of Riven and Lee Sin in the film, but see Cristina Vee and Vic Mignogna acting in a live action feature.

The film also stars Richard Epcar, Jason Wishnov, Spike Spencer and even Kyle Hebert has a cameo. How did this happen? The executive producer, Stephen Weese, is an anime and video game voice over artist, and brought the cast together for this project. Who knows, maybe even more Broken Spirits actors will have a role as a League character in the future?

Check out our trailer or our cast list for more!


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2016 Trailer

Our newest and best HD trailer showing final cuts from the film. Watch in full screen for best quality.

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Ayúdanos a estar en Crunchyroll y FUNimation!

Como saben, Broken Spirits tiene a grandes actores de doblaje como Vic Mignogna, Cristina Vee, Richard Epcar and Spike Spencer! Si te gustaría ver la película, por favor ayúdanos yendo a Twitter! Sólo haz click en la imagen inferior.

Mientras más gente tuitee sobre nosotros, más posibilidades tendrás de vernos en el principal medio para ver anime online! Ahora que Crunchyroll y FUNimation son socios, es el momento perfecto para mostrarles a ellos Broken Spirits!

Tuitea a Crunchyroll y FUNimation pidiéndoles que muestren nuestra película!


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Some publicity and behind-the-scenes photos from Broken Spirits.


Godric the sweat lodge guru


Think you know what Broken Spirits is about? Think again! No other sci-fi/action movie has a tattooed monk meditating in a field of flowers.

Andy McPhee as Mr. Oldman can talk to the spirits in the alternate dimension.

Cookson (Dave Pereyra) heads for the portal connecting the real world with the alternate dimension.

Cristina Vee as “Valerie” reaches for her lifeline to escape the death cloud.

Trey (Gregory Crafts) prepares to smash the deadly force field.

Mr. Oldman (Andy McPhee) the gold prospector learns that Scott and his friends are trapped in the alternate dimension and in danger.

Trey (Gregory Crafts) takes aim at a rival gang member.

The evil Loria (Axelle Castro) beats up on Valerie (Cristina Vee) in a fight to the death.

Scott (Steve Weese) finds himself lost and alone in the alternate dimension.

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Sneak Peek Scene – Into the Portal

“Strange things are happening at the Sand & Spirit sweat lodge.” Young web blogger Erin White (Allyson Floyd) sneaks back into the sweat lodge shortly after four young people disappeared into thin air during the ceremony presided over by the sketchy lodge guru, Godric (Richard Epcar.) Erin takes a look at the videos she secretly recorded during the ceremony, and what they show is even stranger than she imagined.

From the upcoming sci-fi/action feature film “Broken Spirits.”
View more at http://www.BrokenSpiritsMovie.com.
Steven Weese, Cristina Vee, Richard Epcar, Vic Mignogna, Spike Spencer, Gregory Crafts, Jason Wishnov, Axelle Cummings, Peter Jang and Andy McPhee.

Directed by Peter Bohush

©2014 Broken Spirits LLC

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Official Special Effects Trailer #4

Watch the latest trailer from the upcoming sci-fi/action thriller BROKEN SPIRITS!

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Scene 93 – The final battle begins

Screenplay by Joseph Medina & Stephen Weese and Peter Bohush

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