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Welcome to Broken Spirits

Broken Spirits is a sci-fi/action feature film about four young people who are pulled into an alternate dimension within our world and must fight evil, undead spirits to get back before time runs out to return.

Starring Stephen Weese, Vic Mignogna, Richard Epcar, Spike Spencer and Cristina Vee – widely recognized for their roles in high profile Japanese animation films, series and video games such as Full Metal Alchemist, Ghost in the Shell, Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil 6 and Neon Genesis Evangelion. Also featured is Andy McPhee (Sons of Anarchy.)

Movie Poster (2016)

Movie Poster (2016)

Directed by Peter Bohush (Geezers, 9-10: The Day Before), the film was shot in on the RED MX camera in widescreen HD on location in Southern California. It is now in the editing process, and will involve more than 250 special effects shots.

Broken Spirits is produced by Finch Hollow Productions, in association with Anime Expo.

Browse this site for cast bios and videos, location pictures, production notes, script samples and more.

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2016 Trailer

Our newest and best HD trailer showing final cuts from the film. Watch in full screen for best quality.

Sneak Peek Scene – Into the Portal

“Strange things are happening at the Sand & Spirit sweat lodge.” Young web blogger Erin White (Allyson Floyd) sneaks back into the sweat lodge shortly after four young people disappeared into thin air during the ceremony presided over by the sketchy lodge guru, Godric (Richard Epcar.) Erin takes a look at the videos she secretly recorded during the ceremony, and what they show is even stranger than she imagined.

From the upcoming sci-fi/action feature film “Broken Spirits.”
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Steven Weese, Cristina Vee, Richard Epcar, Vic Mignogna, Spike Spencer, Gregory Crafts, Jason Wishnov, Axelle Cummings, Peter Jang and Andy McPhee.

Directed by Peter Bohush

©2014 Broken Spirits LLC

Official Special Effects Trailer #4

Watch the latest trailer from the upcoming sci-fi/action thriller BROKEN SPIRITS!

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Broken Spirits official trailer #3

Watch the latest trailer for the sci-fi/action thriller BROKEN SPIRITS.

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Richard Epcar explains it all!

Join Richard Epcar as he explains the plots and twists of the feature film “Broken Spirits!”

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Behind the Scenes: Fight scene visual effects shot!

Scene 95 fight scene. Indio (Peter Jang), one of the evil spirits, smashes Trey (Gregory Crafts) in the face in a fight to the DEATH!

It should go without saying, that in the interest of safety, movie productions don’t let the actors in fight scenes actually hit one another! So how then does Indio appear to actually kick Trey in the face? With a little movie magic!

Watch the amazing video of how the visual effects artists at Finch Hollow studios made this incredible shot. (more»)

Behind the Scenes: Making Visual Effects Shot #9

When you hear the term “visual effects shot,” you might think of Spiderman swinging from tall buildings, or explosions or dinosaurs or spaceships. Yes, those are effects shot, and they wow us when we see something fantastical.

But sometimes, a visual effects shot is meant to go UNNOTICED. In the video below, we needed a reaction shot of the character Daniel (played by Jason Wishnov) and didn’t specifically shoot it during production. So we “made” this shot by employing visual effects techniques. (more»)

Awesome special effects shots coming

Just wanted to update you all that our visual effects studio is busy creating some amazing special effects shots for the movie. Everyone’s getting the special-effects treatment: Steve, Cristina, Greg, Spike, Axelle, Peter and of course, Richard Epcar. If you’re all reeeeal good, maybe we’ll show them to you at the Broken Spirits panel at Anime Expo!

Valerie (Cristina Vee) clutches onto Scott (Steve Weese) as the death cloud rolls in.


Godric: the Ultimate Spiritual Conveyor

When the portal opens, and sucks you in… who ya gonna call? That’s right, the spiritbuster himself: Godric!