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Altered Spirits Red Carpet Photos

Anime Los Angeles hosted the red carpet premiere of our film! Cristina Vee, Richard Epcar, Kyle Hebert and Stephen Weese were there from the film along with special guests Christopher Smith and Cindy Robinson.


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Some publicity and behind-the-scenes photos from Broken Spirits.


Godric the sweat lodge guru


Think you know what Broken Spirits is about? Think again! No other sci-fi/action movie has a tattooed monk meditating in a field of flowers.

Andy McPhee as Mr. Oldman can talk to the spirits in the alternate dimension.

Cookson (Dave Pereyra) heads for the portal connecting the real world with the alternate dimension.

Cristina Vee as “Valerie” reaches for her lifeline to escape the death cloud.

Trey (Gregory Crafts) prepares to smash the deadly force field.

Mr. Oldman (Andy McPhee) the gold prospector learns that Scott and his friends are trapped in the alternate dimension and in danger.

Trey (Gregory Crafts) takes aim at a rival gang member.

The evil Loria (Axelle Castro) beats up on Valerie (Cristina Vee) in a fight to the death.

Scott (Steve Weese) finds himself lost and alone in the alternate dimension.

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