The Franchise

BROKEN SPIRITS is the first of a planned trilogy of sci-fi/action motion pictures that explore the conflict between the dimensions of life and death. In addition to the motion pictures, we plan to produce graphic novels based on the characters in the films, and standalone novels that follow one or more film characters on separate adventures. Should the movies prove successful, Broken Spirits would make an excellent video game.

The Movies

Broken Spirits: While visiting a sweat lodge run by a shady spiritualist, Scott, Valerie, Trey and Daniel are pulled into an alternate dimension where they must battle four evil spirits trapped between life and death. Forced to relive horrendous experiences from their own pasts, the four mortals must outwit the Evils and defend their lifelines before the Evils sever the lifelines and use them to return to the world of the living, leaving the mortals trapped in the other dimension and at the mercy of the Death Cloud.

Broken Spirits II, Montague’s Revenge: Montague and his evil cohorts, Loria and Indio, have yet again escaped the clutches of death. Returning to our modern-day world of the living, 500 years ahead of the time when they last walked the Earth, the Evils quickly adapt and set about on a murderous spree in search of the fortune of gold Montague stole from the native Americans. Godric and Oldman, worn out from years of chasing the elusive evil spirit Cookson, are in no shape to battle Montague alone. Three college students on a scientific experiment in the desert are enlisted to once again take on the forces of evil and send their souls where they should have gone 500 years earlier.

Broken Spirits III, The Ghost of Godric: Some things should remain hidden forever, like the fortune in gold lost after Montague stole it from the native Americans before they killed him. Or so they thought. And the portals that appear with changes in the earth’s magnetic pulses, tunnels that lead from our reality to dimensions lost in time and space, that hover between life and death. But some people just can’t leave well enough alone, and a new group of curious friends discover just how dangerous it can be to venture out of our world. And this time, Godric won’t be there to rescue them. Or will he?


Broken Spirits, The Gold of Cibola: Francisco Vázquez de Coronado set out on an expedition to find the Seven Cities of Gold, as described by his guide, the friar Marcos de Niza. It is a race against the former Moroccan slave Estevanico, who has forged ahead toward the Zuni lands to lay claim to the riches. What neither Conquistador knows, however, is that a greedy and vicious Englishman, Lord Montague, has breached the international treaties and made his way into the American desert with his own expedition. And Montague intends to kill anyone who stands between him and the gold. It seems like a perfect, cutthroat plan, except the Zunis of Cibola don’t take kindly to foreigners stealing the natural riches of the People.

Other novels to be developed.

For information about investing or distributing the Broken Spirits slate of material, please contact the producers.