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Richard Epcar Interview

Richard Epcar sits down with Stephen Weese and talks about his experiences filming Broken Spirits.

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2016 Trailer

Our newest and best HD trailer showing final cuts from the film. Watch in full screen for best quality.

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Sneak Peek Scene – Into the Portal

“Strange things are happening at the Sand & Spirit sweat lodge.” Young web blogger Erin White (Allyson Floyd) sneaks back into the sweat lodge shortly after four young people disappeared into thin air during the ceremony presided over by the sketchy lodge guru, Godric (Richard Epcar.) Erin takes a look at the videos she secretly recorded during the ceremony, and what they show is even stranger than she imagined.

From the upcoming sci-fi/action feature film “Broken Spirits.”
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Steven Weese, Cristina Vee, Richard Epcar, Vic Mignogna, Spike Spencer, Gregory Crafts, Jason Wishnov, Axelle Cummings, Peter Jang and Andy McPhee.

Directed by Peter Bohush

©2014 Broken Spirits LLC

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BTS video: Gregory Crafts gets dragged through the sand

At some point in the production, it seems that every one of the lead actors in Broken Spirits gets dragged through the sand. This time it’s Greg’s turn, as his character Trey is pulled through the desert by his “lifeline.”

It may not look like much here, since movies are shot in little bits and pieces that by themselves don’t seem too exciting. But when it’s fully edited, with the music and special effects added, you’ll fly though the sand with him on an crazy trip!

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BTS (behind the scenes) on a cold & windy Memorial weekend

Broken Spirits co-writer Joseph Medina paid a visit to the desert location of Broken Spirits over Memorial weekend and recorded some video of the actors preparing to shoot a scene. Due to the holiday weekend, we had a smaller crew on hand, but we still tackled some tough scenes.

The “little” movie Joseph envisioned months ago is now being made into a slightly “bigger” and very real movie. Thanks, Joseph!

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VIP: Slow motion test footage

Here’s a little shot we made of Dave Pereyra (as “Cookson” one of the evil spirits) running through the ice-melt creek at our desert location. His character is running away from his ruthless leader Montague.

This was shot using a tiny hi-def camcorder, the GoPro Hero HD, in an underwater housing. The camera, about the size of a small cell-phone, was placed at water level. The slow-motion effect was applied in post-production. We did a little bit of color grading to make it look like twilight, although we actually took the shot in mid-morning.

Dave was instructed to run across the creek and step close to the camera. He stepped a little too close, though, when he splashed water onto director Peter Bohush and his second camera positioned just behind the GoPro. Some quick clean-up action with Peter’s sweat shirt saved the second camera.

We think this shot looks great, and it may end up in the final print of the movie. We’ve shot some other scenes with the GoPro as well. It’s great for action shots. It’s an easy camera to use because it has virtually no settings, just turn it on and hit “record.” The biggest downside to this tiny camera is that it doesn’t have a viewfinder or monitor, so we never know what it’s actually shooting. We just try to point it in the general direction of the action and hope for the best!


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VIP Behind-the-Scenes: Gunshot scene

For our VIP Members only, here’s the full behind-the-scenes video on how we “shot” the scene where evil gang leader Bane (Aaron Valencia) gets shot. We won’t tell you who shoots him, or what happens next, but we will pull back the curtain on how moviemakers “shoot” someone without firing a real bullet!

Here’s the video, and below we’ll tell you how we did it.

How We Did It

You may have seen other movies use “squibs” for gunshot wounds, and real guns firing blanks. Those are great but they are somewhat dangerous, as the squibs have small explosive charges and the blanks in guns use real gunpowder. Our solution works just as well, but is totally safe.

First, the “squib” is actually a condom filled with fake blood (water, cocoa and food coloring) and then taped onto the actor underneath his shirt. Special effects coordinator Jared Lindsey rigs a fishing line around the squib and out through a small hole in Aaron’s shirt.

Then Jared positions himself just off camera, and at the moment of the gunshot, pulls hard on the fishing line, breaking the condom and squirting the fake blood out through Aaron’s shirt. Aaron had to time his acting to fling himself back against the wall at the same moment.

The gun we used is called an airsoft gun, used by gamers and similar to paintball guns except airsofts shoot a small plastic BB at non-lethal speed. This particular gun uses propane gas to propel the BB and cause the slider on the gun to “blow back” just like a real semi-automatic. Of course, we don’t use any BBs in this gun, we only want the effect of the gun kicking back the actor’s hand a little and moving the slider.

Everything is timed with the director’s voice commands. It’s not easy getting two actors and the effects supervisor to all move at the exact same moment. And if any one of them messed up, we’d have to clean Aaron up, put him in a new shirt, re-rig the squib and start all over — that’s a long process. Fortunately, everybody did their thing right on cue and the shot came out perfect the first time, as you can see in the final clip.

We hope you like the clip and the little BTS (behind-the-scenes) story. Thanks for supporting BROKEN SPIRITS and stay tuned for more BTS updates!

Pete Bohush

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